Oilpath Hydraulic Control Valves have been the Agricultural Industry benchmark since the 1970’s. The OP20 valve has been utilised on a wide range of equipment from Wool Presses to Front End Loading attachments and is now the only Australian owned and manufactured Hydraulic Control Valve in the market. Today Oilpath is a market leader in the design and manufacturing of Hydraulic Control Manifolds for the state of art agricultural equipment.

Oilpath manifolds are utilised on a wide range of machinery such as Air Seeders, Sugar Cane Harvesters, tillage and spray equipment.

Manifolds are an essential component in both mobile and stationary agricultural machinery and play a pivotal role in enhancing the precision and efficiency of numerous agricultural tasks. Their use in seeders allow for a controlled dispersal rate, therefore ensuring a seeding process with high quality results and efficiency. Manifolds are also crucial for their use in controlling baling pressure and assist wrapping, moving and centring of hay bales in balers and wrappers. Additionally, they provide sprayers with a range of boom controlling functions such as folding in and out, angling and tilting and are instrumental in providing suspension adjustment, and volume flow summation in tractors.

Oilpath’s custom manifolds will provide an opportunity to improve the control and precision of agricultural procedures, ensuring that the intended results are of a high standard with increased productivity. The flexibility of their use across a range of machinery and agricultural processes, alongside their personalised custom design make them perfect for you exact requirements.

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