Directional Control Valves

Since the creation of the OP20 by Oilpath founder Brian Baker in the 1970s we have continued to build upon our offering to suit the needs of your project. 

OP11 & OP10‐4 Directional Control Valve

Download OP11 & OP10‐4 Directional Control Valve PDF

  • Nominal Flow 45 l/min
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 345 bar
  • Up to 4 Spools available
  • Low Spool Leakage
  • Side or top port Inlet & Outlet
  • Closed Circuit & Power Beyond options
  • HydraForce Relief Valve (OP11)
  • Hardened Steel Non‐Return Check Seat
  • New Handle & Air Option

OP20 Directional Control Valve

OP20 Directional Control Valve

Download OP20 Directional Control Valve PDF

  • OP20 Directional Control Valve Series Parallel Circuit
  • Nominal Flow 80 L/min
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 345 Bar
  • Up to 5 spools available
  • Low Spool leakage
  • Side or Top Port Outlet
  • Closed circuit & Power Beyond options
  • Choice of Relief Valves
  • Individual Load Checks on each "D" & "S" spool
  • Proportional Air, "on-off" air, both with handle option