Motorised Flow control Source

Source Motorised Flow Control cartridges provide economical and simple electrical control for flows

up to 190 lpm. It utilises a 12- or 24-volt DC motor to open or close a rotary spool valve. This rate is
changed by providing a 12- or 24-volt signal to either increase or decrease the valve opening. In its
simplest form, the control element is a DPDT three position-momentary-contact toggle or rocker
switch or two DP momentary-contact push buttons.
If a more sophisticated control is desired, the loop can be closed by using a control amplifier and
relay circuit in conjunction with feedback from a flow or speed sensor. The valve requires no power
to maintain its flow setting. A 12-or24-volt DC is applied only while changing the flow rate and even
then shut off to hold flow rate at the desired setting. In the event of a power failure or system
shutdown, the system will remain at its current flow setting until power is restored and a command
signal is once again supplied. Valve design allows for manual override in cases of electrical failure.
The valve is internally protected and will automatically shut down the internal drive when either the
full open or full closed position are reached.

• Internally Protected • Flexible
• Requires no power to maintain setting • Efficient
• Simple to use • Safe
• Economical

MFC-10 and MFC-16 are cartridge design and fit generic 10-2 and 16-2 cavities respectively.

Operating Pressure 3000 psi max
Flow Rating (based on 100 psi delta P with valve fully open) Speed in Seconds
0-5 gpm MFC-10-5- (voltage 12 or 24) 3.5 (-03 option)
0-15 gpm MFC-10-15- (voltage 12 or 24) 7.0 (-07 option)
0-20 gpm MFC-16-20- (voltage 12 or 24) 24.0 (-24 option)
0-35 gpm MFC-16-35- (voltage 12 or 24) 48.0 (-48 option)
0-50 gpm MFC-16-50- (voltage 12 or 24)

Larger valves (20-2) available on request

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