Hydraforce Flow Control Valves

Needle Valves and Rotary Flow Control

Flow Controls, Free Flow

Flow Regulators

  • Pressure-Compensated, Fixed Setting
  • Restrictive, Adjustable Pressure Compensated
  • Restrictive Adjustable Orifice
  • Pressure-Compensated, Priority Bypass, Fixed Setting
  • Pressure-Compensated, Priority Bypass, Limited Range Adjustment
  • Pressure-Compensated, Adjustable Bi-Directional
  • Fixed Orifice, Bi-Directional
  • Bypass, Adjustable Orifice
  • Priority Type with Pressure Relief

Pressure Compensators

  • Spool Element
  • Compensator Valves
  • Damping and Load Holding
  • Priority Bypass and Spool Element
  • Load Sensing Priority Type
  • Dynamic Load Sense

Flow Dividers / Combiners

  • Cylinder Synchronizing
  • Anti-Stall Feature
  • Heavy Duty Multi-Function