Oilpath 2021 price list

OILPATH HYDRAULICS PTY LTD Valvole Counterbalance Product sales@oilpathhydraulics.com.au Phone 08 82774933 Oilpath Counterbalance Cartridges fromValvole Italia Oilpath are delighted to announce that it has entered the Counterbalance Market, we accomplished this by striking a partnership with Valvole Italia a specialist Load Holding Company formed by engineers from the counterbalance division of Oil Control, focused exclusively on the design and manufacturing of load holding product. HydraForce utilise Valvole Italia counterbalance cartridges in an increasing amount in their custom manifold division. Oilpath are stocking a range of T11A & T2A and parts in body counterbalance product that are extremely competitively priced and technically superior to product already in the market. Oilpath have built stock in standard configurations and will stock other configurations when demand dictates, please ask about special built to specification product required. Product Strengths • Modular concepts available utilising same internal components • Stainless Steel and Nickel-platedoptions • Customisable pistons for specific applications optimisingperformance • Cartridges proven through severe durability tests • Proven superior stability over all other valves inmarket • Superior pressure drop performance • T11A GT Series suitable for 75 lpm with 26 bar pressure drop • Valves designed & manufactured by a pure Load HoldingCompany • T11A cartridges manufacture with smaller inscribed hexagon heads(19mm) Other Counterbalance Products Available Please be aware that other counterbalance products are available in Industry standard cavity, Vented Cartridges, Rotary Actuator Cartridges, Parts in a body, and other counterbalance solutions. Please call Oilpath to discuss your requirements. 73 Return to index