Oilpath 2021 price list

OILPATH HYDRAULICS PTY LTD M odular Valves Cetop 3 & 5 Directional Control Valve New product VALVCO MODULAR VALVES sales@oilpathhydraulics.com.au Phone 08 82774933 CETOP 3 Modular Function Valves These units mount between the directional valve and the sub-plates. The addition of these valves require longer bolt kits. Each valve block requires the addition of 40mm to the bolt length. Maximum inlet pressure 315 Bar. * CETOP 3 used in illustrations below Part Number CETOP List Price MTC-02-W1-K-20 3 155.00 $ MTC-03-W1-K-20 5 190.00 $ Part Number CETOP List Price MOF-02-P-20 3 235.00 $ MOF-03-P-20 5 425.00 $ Part Number CETOP List Price MRV-02-W3-K-20 3 220.00 $ MRV-03-W3-K-20 5 330.00 $ Part Number CETOP List Price MBR-02-P3-K-20 3 155.00 $ MBR-03-P3-K-20 5 230.00 $ Part Number CETOP List Price MPC-02-W-20 3 155.00 $ MPC-03-W-20 5 190.00 $ Function meter to cylinder on "a"& "b" meter to cylinder on "a"& "b" Throttle with check Function P Port only Pressure Temperature compensated flow control P Port only Function relief "a""b"- t Modular Relief Valve 10-250 bar Pressure Reducing Module relief "a""b"- t Function Pressure Reducing Module Pressure Reducing Module Function Pilot Operated Check Valeve Module Pilot operated checks on "a"& "b" Pilot operated checks on "a"& "b" 61 Return to index