Oilpath 2021 price list

5 SPOOL TILT TRAY VALVE Oilpath Hydraulics Pty Ltd Tel: 08 82774933 www.oilpathhydraulics.com.au sales@oilpathhydraulics.com.au VC70 S MMDDD 2000 S123 H123 DC24 Part number 07750001 Valvco is a Oilpath owned company specifically set up to handle product developed in partnerships with other like minded companies. The Valvco VC70 is an economically priced, specially configured 70 litre per minute monoblock control valve for Tilt Tray Truck applications. The first 3 spools are 24 volt solenoid operated spools that have manual override levers. The first 2 spools are configured with Motor Spools, the remaining spools are Double Acting. This valve has a small footprint for its capability. (see dimensions on next sheet). This valve can be configured with the handle levers assembled and solenoids “upside down” to ease installation issues. * 19 Return to index